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SBA PC – 50

SBA PC -50 is an emulsion of an Acrylic Co-polymer.

SBA PC -50 is an additive for modifying cement mortar /concrete which improves the properties of cementitious compositions. It improves bond strength, mechanical properties & abrasion resistance of cement concrete / mortar. Thin sections dry rapidly and exhibit good adhesion to old concrete & masonry, brick, wood, metals & many other surfaces. SBA PC -50 modified mortars are uniform in colour & resist discolouration due to exposure to sunlight.

Addition of SBA PC -50 to cement mortar helps in retaining the water needed for hydration, as it forms a film of coalesced polymer sphere around sand and cement particles. This acts as a barrier to prevent further evaporation. SBA PC -50 acts as an internal curing membrance, thus eliminating any need for further curing with water.

SBA PC -50 conforms to ASTM 1069-86.

Physical Appearance : White, Milky liquid.
Solid Content, % : 46 to 48.
pH when packed : >9.5 to 10.
Specific Gravity : 1.06
Viscosity : 18 Sec. (Fordcup B-4)
Minimum film formation temp : 10° to 12° C

FORMULATION TECHNIQUE: To prepare SBA PC -50 modified cement mortar, premix thoroughly Portland cement & sand in required proportion, pour SBA PC -50 at a ratio of 20% of cement weight with required quantity of water to a mixer, & mix thoroughly for about 3 to 4 minutes finally add the water little by little until the required consistency is achieved.

  1. Bonding coat between old & new concrete.
  2. Waterproofing of terrace, toilet blocks, basement water tanks, swimming pools etc.
  3. Repairing of concrete by modifying cement mortar / concrete.
  4. Bonding mortar for tiles, asbestos cement, bricks, natural stones etc.
  5. An additive for cement paint, lime white wash etc. for long life & strong bonding.
  6. Anticorrosive / Passivative treatment to reinforcement and concrete surface.
Recommended Dosage for various Applications:
For Modified Mortars / Concrete : 20% by weight of cement quantity.
For floor Screed : 10% by weight of cement quantity.
For Cement Paint : 4 to 5 kg per bag of cement paint.
For lime / white wash : 2 kg per bag of lime / white wash.

SBA PC -50 is sediment free & stable. Store in a cool & dry place. Self life Year.

PACKING: Available in 30 Kg & 50 Kg Plastic Carbouys.

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