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Polychem Limited was established in 1956. Polychem Limited poineered the production of Styrene, Polystyrene, Vinyl Acetate & Polyvinyl Alcohol in the country. Polychem established its first thermoplastics plant in the country in 1957. The operational facilities of the Company are located at Mumbai.

We at Polymer division specialise in manufacture of Polymers & Co-Polymers from Styrene, Divinyl Benzene, Acrylic Acid and Acrylates through either suspension polymerization route or emulsion polymerization route.

We operate a multipurpose plant for the manufacture of our products. We have the capacity to manufacture tailor made resins to suit customer requirements in quantities as small as 50 kg and as large as a container loads. We also have a capacity to develop polymers & co-polymers to suit the requirement of the customers.

Our current product range includes:
1. Cross Linked Polystyrene (XLPS).
2. Low Molecular weight Polystyrene (LMPS).
3. Styrene Ethyl Acrylate Co-Polymer (Acrylate-C).
4. Styrene Butyl Acrylate Co-polymer (SBA PC - 50).
5. Styrene Butyl Acrylate Co-polymer (SBA PC - 30).

Our customer base not only includes customers in India but also in Countries such as UK, USA, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, JAPAN, HUNGARY.
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