Company Business
Age : 70 Years.
Qualificaton : B.A. from Cambridge Univeristy in History and Law. M.B.A. in Bussiness Administration from Harvard Business School.
Expertise : He is a Managing Director of the Company from 19th August, 1986 and is now the Chairman & Managing Director from 1th February, 1995. He has over 43 years of experience in industry, management, implementation of projects etc. He has been associated with various Chambers of Commerce and was the President of Indian Merchants' Chamber. He has been associated with various charitable trusts and is Director / Chairman of several Companies.
Other Directorship as on 31th March, 2007 : Gujarat Poly-AVX Electronics Limited.
Mr. T.R. Kilachand
Mr.T.R. Kilachand Director of Company
Age : 40 Years.
Qualificaton : Sc.B."Electrical Engineering " & B.A."Engineering & Economics" from Brown University, U.S.A.
Expertise : Project Officer in Polychem Limited from 1st November, 1988, then as Project Executive from 1st October, 1990 and as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director from 2nd July, 1993. He has been actively involved and looking after all aspects of various activities of the Company.He was appointed as a Director from December 1996 to 31st March, 1997. From 1st April, 1997 he was appointed as a Whole-time Director.
Other Directorship as on 31st March, 2007 : Gujarat Poly-AVX Electronics Limited.
Membership of Committees of Board :
  1. Shareholders'/Investors' Grievance Committee and Remuneration Committee of Polychem Limited; and
  2. Shareholders'/Investors' Grievance Committee and Audit Committee of Gujarat Poly-AVX Electronics Ltd.
Mr. P.T. Kilachand

Mr.Parthiv Tanil Kilachand Whole-time Director
Age : 63 Years.
Qualificaton : B.Com, F.C.A. and F.C.S.
Expertise : Experience of 42 years in Accounts, Finance, Audit, Secretarial, Legal & Admin., Taxation etc. with various companies in india and abroad. Working with Polychem Limited for last 31 years in various capacity. At present VP-Corporate Affairs & Company Secretary and is responsible for the Company's secretarial,finance, legal,taxation and other corporate matters and carries out duties as instructed from time to time by the Board of Directors.
Other Directorship as on 31th March, 2007 : Gujarat Poly-AVX Electronics Limited.
E-Mail Address :
Mr. A.H. Mehta
Mr. Atul Haridas Mehta VP-Corporate Affairs & Company Secretary

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